Alice is perhaps the most continuously, eternally famous member of The Cresswell Family ever. She saved the Earth, the universe, and humanity itself.

In SteampunkEdit

In this thread, she is a child, but no less a genius. At age seven she has killed two criminals and cut off her own finger because she threw a bear at the wall.

In the very beginning of the thread, she was "rescued" from the orphanage Cecelia and Thomas had left her in.

In DarknessEdit

In this thread she briefly appears on the itanic as an elderly woman. She believes the explanation Jasper and Renee give for randomly appearing in front of her, which happens to be time travel. She then freaks out and gives her research notes and diaries to the utterly confused Jack Smith. Smith and two children named Rose and Thomas were rescued from the ship before it sank and brought back to the ship.

Her InventionsEdit

  • Copperbots, police robots that are brought out when Brickerton needs them. She hand-created over two-thousand of them over the course of three years. With the help of a certain man named Fritz Maynard, of course.
  • She made plans for an artificial sun. AN ARTIFICIAL SUN, MAN.
  • She made a shield that protected the Earth from getting totally destroyed when our sun went nova. Barely.
  • She wrote a book called "How to Build a Clockwork Automaton". Mentioned by Mia in a very early page of Darkness.
  • Many other things.